You can get an overview of the measurements we make about a web page by selecting its URL and clicking on the Summary tab.

The line in the middle of the Summary tab informs you about the availability of the chosen page.

The red blocks in this line symbolize periods when we were unable to receive files from the selected URL, while green the blocks symbolize periods when everything was working properly.

The length of time that each block represents depends on the date range that you chose.

For example, if you examine a week’s data block will represent an hour, while the same block will inform you about a five-minute long period if you examine a day’s measurements.

If a block is red that doesn’t necessarily mean that the web page was constantly unavailable. It just indicates that there was an error with the URL during the period that the block represents.

Below the line on the Summary tab you can find our diagrams about the response time of the server that hosts the selected web page.

These graphs could help you to get an overview of the fastest, the slowest and the average response times of a set period of time.

You can turn on and off each diagram by clicking on their names.