In our application you can keep track of a monitored domain’s pages and competitor sites with the help of projects.

If you monitor several different sites with our app, this arrangement makes it a lot easier to get an overview of our measurements.

You can find information about the creators of the projects in your account on the Home page of our application.

If a project wasn't started by you, you'll see the email address of its creator in the Owner column, otherwise the word "You" will be written there.

You can invite an unlimited number of users to join the WebyMon projects which you started or you’ve become an administrator of.

Inviting new users is free of charge and this function is also available in the free version of our application.

You can add new users to your existing projects in three different ways.

You can decide to share the data only, allow them to modify the settings as well or give them administrator rights. In this case, they will also be able to invite new users or delete accounts from the project.

Even though administrators in a project can have the same rights as its owners, the subscription fees of a project are always billed to the owners.