How does WebyMon work?

Once, you’re finished with the registration, you can immediately start to monitor the speed and availability of the URLs on your site, or on your competitors’ domains with our app.

The number of URLs that you can check with WebyMon depend on your subscription type.

WebyMon’s free version allows you to monitor two domains, and collect information about the home page and one subpage on each domain.

Our paid packages let you monitor a much larger number of pages on your site or on the websites of your competitors.

Independent from which package you choose, you can always increase the number of the pages in your projects for a very reasonable fee. You can find out more about our prices and packages if you click here.

If you’d just like to try our app, don’t hesitate. There are no strings attached, and you can use the free version, as long as you’d like.

How do you notify me about the errors? When do you label a website unavailable?

Our servers are located in Germany. We only download the HTML files from the monitored URLs. We don’t examine the CSS files, the JS files or the pictures.

Therefore using our software won’t slow down your site, or impact its performance in any other ways.

If for some reason we can’t download an HTML file under 5 seconds, we will attempt to obtain it two more times.

There’s a 1-second delay between the attempts, and in the course of the third attempt, we wait 10 seconds for the HTML file to download.

If this attempt also fails, we will inform you about your site’s unavailability through the user interface of our web application. We will also send an email notification about the incident on the following morning.