In our application, you can keep track of a monitored domain’s pages and competitor sites with the help of projects.

The number of users who can work on or see the data of a WebyMon project is unlimited and we don't charge you for adding new users into a project that you started.

You can invite collaborators into your WebyMon projects in three different ways.

You can decide to share the data only, allow them to modify the settings as well or give them administrator rights.

In this case they will also be able to invite new users or delete collaborators from your project.

If you’d like to invite somebody, login to our app and select the appropriate domain.

Then click on the Users button and type the email address of the person you’d like to share the project with into the field next to the Invite button.

You can also set the level of access on this page under the Invite button.

Even though collaborators could have the same rights as project owners, we always bill the subscription fee of a domain to the project owners.