Server Uptime and Server Downtime

You can get a clearer picture about the performance of your hosting service provider by examining two values in our reports.

Server uptime shows how long a monitored web page was available during a selected period, while Server downtime informs you about a number of errors in a selected period.

For example, if the server uptime was 99.9 percent in a month, that means your website was unreachable for about 45 minutes during that period and it was available for the rest of the time.

The same ratio during a day means that your website was down for about one and a half minutes.

Naturally you’d like your website to serve your visitors all of the time so you should try to find a hosting service provider that is able to guarantee a high level of uptime for you.

Although one hundred percent is not a realistic expectation, as every server needs maintenance from time to time, you can easily find providers who will guarantee that your site’s uptime will be above 99 percent at the least.

Of course the higher guaranteed uptime you aim for, the higher your expenses will be.

Therefore, if you’d like to stay ahead of the competition with lower costs, instead of aiming for the highest possible value, you can also target a number that is only a little bit higher than what your competitors are able to achieve.

As you can also monitor competitor sites with our app, you can easily find out exactly how high this value should be.

WebyMon will automatically check a monitored servers’ availability in five-minute long intervals.

We chose this frequency as it ensures that the longer lasting slowdowns and errors will appear in our reports and guarantees that our measurements won’t impact the monitored site's performance in any noticeable way.