If you’d like to change your account’s billing settings or modify your packages, click on the Subscriptions menu in the top right corner.

Selecting the Buy Package option here will allow you to change or expand your current subscription.

We have three different subscription types. Even though you cannot combine them you can always add new domains or projects to your current subscription by ordering an extension.

You can find the different types of extensions under the Buy Package option as well.

If you’d like to cancel your subscription or find out when it will expire, click on the Manage Subscriptions menu item. After this, you’ll be able to delete your packages with the help of the trash bin icon.

There are two more items in the Subscriptions menu that might interest you. You can change your billing address by selecting the Billing details option or overview your previous transactions by selecting Payment history.

You can find additional information about our prices, subscription packages and extensions if you click here.