WebyMon automatically checks your site’s availability at regular intervals.

We only download the HTML files from the monitored URLs. We don’t examine the CSS files, the JS files or the pictures.

Therefore using our software won’t slow down your site or impact its performance in any other way.

If for some reason we can’t download an HTML file under 5 seconds, we will attempt to obtain it two more times.

There’s a 1-second delay between each attempt and in the course of the third attempt we wait 10 seconds for the HTML files to download.

If this attempt also fails, we will inform you the about the incident through the user interface of our web application.

You can find every notification regarding a web page by selecting its URL from the domain’s list and clicking on the Incidents tab.

Even though it’s possible that a page wasn’t completely unavailable every time, it is certain that our servers had to wait for more than 10 seconds for your files to download. And this is a longer time than what most of the visitors find acceptable.

If you’d like to get a clearer picture of a site’s availability during a certain period, apart from our incident reports, you should also check out our server uptime and downtime values for the domain, as these metrics can inform you about the extent of incidents in a selected period.

Next, to the in-app notifications, we also send you an email if one of the websites that you monitor becomes unavailable. We send out these emails, every morning before we encountered an incident.

If we don’t experience any problems with your site’s performance during the day, we won’t contact you.