How to prevent heavy losses due to server errors

During a long weekend the number of orders dropped significantly in our client's webshop.

Since he believed that visitors didn’t order due to the sunny weather on that weekend, he wasn’t worried about technical errors on the site.

After the weekend, he examined the cart reports of our analytical tool and discovered that visitors didn’t put items into the basket for a completely different reason.

There was a serious error with the server of the site during the weekend, which made most of the pages leading to the checkout unavailable.

If he had monitored his site's performance with WebyMon at that time he would have received our morning notification about downtimes and could have started working on the server in a timely manner. It would have allowed him to minimize the losses and save the majority of that 13,000 USD he had lost that weekend.

If your company's revenue depends on your website you should definitely start to monitor the availability of the site. And besides the homepage, you should also keep track of your most important subpages.

This way you can save yourself from the heavy losses that the almost unavoidable website and server errors could cause.