Most website owners only monitor the performance of their home page.

While doing this in itself can help to avoid several problems, errors can occur on subpages just as often, as they do on the main page.

For example, based on the performance of your home page, a monitoring software might inform you that your site is working properly, while your visitors are unable to put an item into the basket, or subscribe to your newsletters.

Most of these problems occur due to errors in the content management systems. And it could be rather difficult to detect and address them if you only monitor your main page or a handful of pages on your site.

With WebyMon you can monitor a very huge number of subpages - for a reasonable price.

If next to the homepage, you keep track of your most important category and product pages with our app, and also monitor the contact forms and the pages leading to the checkout, you can ensure, that you’ll be notified about such errors as well.

Which will allow you to fix these problems in time, and avoid the heavy losses, that could come from not paying attention to the most important subpages on your site.