One of the URLs that I monitor was unavailable. What could be the reason?

The uptime of an URL that you monitor with WebyMon could be zero percent for three reasons. You can find information about each of them below.

1. Misspellings

It’s possible that you simply misspelled the address when you started the monitoring project. In this case, just delete the URL, and register it again.

You can delete the URLs of a subpage, by selecting its domain, and clicking on the green arrow, which is located next to the URL on the project’s list.

You can delete home page addresses in a similar way. You can find the list of these URLs right after login.

2. Vanishing addresses

Besides misspellings, zero uptime in our reports could also be caused by disappearing URLs.

If an URL disappears from your website, and you don’t know why it happened, you should try to discover the reasons, and set up an appropriate status code for that address. (This posts could help you in setting up redirects and HTTP status codes).

3. Blocked Robots

Finally, uptime in our report could also be zero, if your hosting service provider blocks the WebyMon robot.

If the URL is working properly, and you didn’t misspell it, while registering a new domain, this is the most likely reason for the inaccurate number in our report.

In this case, contact your hosting service provider, and ask them not to block our robots.

WebyMon checks the websites’ availability in five-minute intervals.

Our application downloads only HTML files from the monitored sites. We don’t examine the CSS files, the JS files or the pictures on the selected sites.

Therefore a visit from our robot can’t slow down a site, or impact its performance in any noticeable ways.

If your provider decided to block WebyMon because they were worried about performance issues, just tell them, that they have nothing to worry about, and they can test the effects our application anytime.

Once, they stop blocking our robot, the accurate values will turn up in your report within a short period of time.

If an URL that you monitor is unavailable for three days, we send a notification to your email address about this issue. If the URL stays unavailable, for four more days after this, we will delete it from your account.

We will also notify you when this happens.