Where can I find information about my site's availability?

If you’d like to know how long have your monitored pages been down, you should check the server uptime, and the server downtime values after logging in to our application.

Server uptime shows how long a monitored URL was available during a selected period, while server downtime informs you about a number of errors in the selected period.

For example, if the server uptime  was 99,9 percent in a month, that means, your website was unreachable for about 45 minutes during that period, and it was available for the rest of the time.

We measure server uptime and downtime on every URL that you monitor with WebyMon, not only on your main pages but on your subpages as well.

You can find additional information about our uptime monitoring service if you click here.

If you’d like to know more about the importance of reliable servers, and high uptime values, also read our blogpost about this topic !