How we used WebyMon’s reports to double the download speed of an e-commerce site

Our client, the owner of an electronics e-commerce site planned to enter international markets with his webshop. He asked us to speed up the site and make it capable of handling increased traffic.

Using WebyMon’s measurements we were able to double the download speed of the site in a few months.

We went through several steps while we were working on his site.

At first we checked the webshop’s uptime values with WebyMon. As it turned out that was the site unavailable quite often, we began by stabilizing its server’s performance.

We started to speed up the site after we had corrected the errors that lead to the slowdowns and crashes.

The webshop was built with OpenCart, which we updated to the latest version. Installing the new and responsive system on the site increased the download speed by 80 percent.

Once we updated OpenCart, we decided to move the site to a new and more powerful server.

Even though at first the migration had slowed down the site, by changing the server’s settings and installing PHP 7 we were able to counter these setbacks and increased the speed by an additional 20 percent.

And we still haven’t finished optimizing the site. We believe that in the near future we’ll be able to increase its speed even more by changing a few additional settings on the new server.

While working on our clients’ site we constantly monitored his competitors with WebyMon. Thanks to our efforts and the new servers increased capacity, his site became better in every characteristic that we measure than any of its rivals.

After several months of common work now his webshop is ready to take on its international competitors.