It’s a useful and helpful thing to look upon your website as you would look upon your car. You want it to perform well in all conditions. You especially want it to not breakdown in heavy traffic. Your car is your method of conveyance. You probably also want it to be attractive. It doesn’t need to be a BMW X5, but you don’t want a broken down Trabant either. It should be ready when you need it the most. It would probably be nice also if it wasn’t the slowest car when compared to your neighbors’ cars.

Maintenance check

Your car doesn’t magically stay tuned-up and running. It needs to be maintained. Your organization’s IT department is probably taking care of many aspects. They would be like the Car Servicing and Maintenance people. They take care of the server / hosting and keep things running. The people who created your website’s coding are akin to the factory workers making and assembling all the parts. These parties are not usually in contact with each other.

Independent analysis

Sometimes the best way to get a good “helicopter view” on something is to have a third party, independent analysis. The Car Servicing and Maintenance people and the manufacturing teams likely have to adhere to in-house policies, which can be constricting. Also, sometimes the best way to really be informed is to have fresh eyes looking at everything. A new perspective is never a bad thing. Independent analysis can reveal a lot about your vehicle and oftentimes about what your competitors have.

On the road

On the information superhighway it’s imperative for your website’s business viability and its reputation that everything is working to the best possible degree. People are less and less inclined to wait. In New York City the average waiting time for a taxi is 2.7 minutes. A Web page should ideally take one second to load to give the users the feeling that they can navigate freely. At the 10-second point, the user has noticed the delay and no longer feels in control. After this period, the users' mind will wander and they will, more often than not, leave the website.

The road to excellence

The road to website excellence can be littered with potholes. At WebyMon we can help. Our tool offers uptime monitoring, site speed checks, alerts of critical functional errors, daily performance reports and an unlimited number of users. You can also watch the competition. Our dashboard will keep you in the driver’s seat, giving you an informative view of your web world so you can know where the problems lie, thereby enabling you to make the necessary changes to keep you cruising ahead. Sign up and start monitoring up to 4 URLs for free, without any time limitation.