It’s a competitive world in both the real and virtual arena. We know all it. There are a huge number of websites on the World Wide Web. That number is never going to get smaller. It’s important to stay ahead. Competitors push you to achieve more. How do you know how well they are doing? It would be nice to know, wouldn’t it? It would be nice to know if your own performance is measurable too, of course. Getting a free independent measurement of your website’s performance isn’t just useful, it’s crucial.


It can be very frustrating to have a website that isn’t performing as well as it should. We understand your frustration. We’re here to help. Independent analysis is very important. In a small organization it’s essential to grow your business and a slow, under-performing website can be the death of such a business. In larger organizations it can often be the case that things look fine even when they are not and the in-house tech resources can sometimes be blinkered to the problems. We received this from a corporate customer recently: "We had an argument with our corporate internet service provider about random downtime. Your service gave us the ammunition we needed to prove their inability to maintain their servers."



Come and create your free for a lifetime account with us. Signing up couldn’t be easier. You can also sign up by using your Gmail account. Satisfaction is guaranteed!


Knowing is doing

Making the most of our service couldn’t be easier! Once your account is created, start adding URLs that you’d like to monitor. They don’t have to be front page URLs. Once this is done, sit back and let us do the rest.


How are you faring?

The dashboard takes very little time to understand. We wanted to make something that was easy to use and extremely informative. You can easily see how your page is faring. We would strongly recommend adding your competitors’ URLs to this Project. Also, don’t forget to invite others within your organization to your Project. Knowledge sharing is always a good thing.


It’s you against them

Once you’ve added your competitors to your Project, then you can get a great picture of how competitive you really are, because slow-performing or generally problematic sites will not keep visitors for very long.



This has been a very brief look at our service. If you want to know more, please visit our FAQ or use our contact information at the bottom of this page. We welcome all e-mails and calls. The helpful and friendly support that we offer is also a very important part of what we do.