When you’re building a website you should try to use the right amount of raw materials.

If the HTML file size is too large, compared to the amount of text, you are planning to display on a page, it will put an unnecessary burden on your site.

Your pages will download slowly, and the users will have to wait a longer time for their appearance, especially on mobile devices.

Many of them won’t have the patience for this. These visitors will leave and spend their money on your rivals’ sites.

There are several online tools, that can help you find out, whether you are using the right amount of code, compared to the useful text’s volume. You can also test these values on your competitors’ sites with them, and it could show you exactly, what proportion you should aim for.

I advise you to check your HTML files with wAudito, as it is a free and a relatively easy to use tool.

In this post, you can also find several tips on how to optimize your HTML file sizes and speed up your website.