Most of our clients have no idea which other companies’ websites are hosted on the server that they are using. It’s problematic because a shared server could hurt your the performance of their site if the hosting company is not careful enough when selling server space.

Bans and blacklists

If a company, that you share server space with is doing some kind of illegal activity, for example, sends spam emails regularly, that could put your server on a blacklist. This could lead to serious losses and your site could be banned as well just for using the same server.

Overloaded servers

If the traffic to a site, which you are sharing your server with increases significantly in certain periods, then it will eat up the resources needed to serve your visitors appropriately in those periods.

This often happens before Christmas, and in this case, you will very likely face serious losses.

If you knew who you are sharing a server with, you could minimize the risks that come from using a shared server. That is why we decided to develop a tool that will allow you to find out which other websites are using the same server as your site.

We are going to launch it in the near future. If you’d like to try out this service, just subscribe here and we’ll notify you as soon as you can start using it.