When webmasters or site owners say that their website is always available and it serves the visitors with an appropriate speed they usually talk about the home page of their site.

They do this, since, most of them only keep track of the homepage’s performance with monitoring tools like Pingdom, or by regularly checking it in their browsers.

There’s only one problem with this method:

errors can occur on subpages more often than they do on the main page.

We measure the availability and the download speed on tens of thousands of websites with WebyMon.

And we very often encounter errors that make some of the most important subpages of a site unavailable while leaving the home page intact.

If there’s an error with the server then the whole site will go down.

But if the errors are caused by its the Content Management System, then, in many cases only some of the subpages become unreachable.

These type of flaws could lead to a serious loss as if the main page of a site was unavailable.

For example, if the visitors can’t subscribe, put an item into the basket, or order a product then the site won’t be able to make any money for its owners...

Which pages will you need to follow if you’d like to prevent losses?

Despite the fact that, these errors occur regularly, only a very few people keep track of every important page on their site.

If you’d like to avoid situations like the ones I described above, you should monitor at least the following pages on your website with the proper application:

  • the most important category pages
  • the most important product pages
  • the cart
  • subscription pages
  • the Terms of use (as it is usually a relatively simple page that you can help when you’d like to compare the speed values)
  • and of course the home page

There are several applications that allow you to keep track of these URLs. With WebyMon, for example, you can monitor a large number of subpages for a very reasonable price.

Just don’t forget about these pages when setting up your monitoring tool as with a little extra care you could save yourself from heavy losses due to technical errors!