In our application you can keep track of a monitored domain's pages and competitor sites with the help of projects.

If you monitor several different sites with our app this arrangement makes it a lot easier to get an overview of our measurements.

You can create new projects on the Home page of our web application. To start one, just paste a domain’s URL that you’d like to monitor with our app and click on the Add domain button.

Then on the next page you’ll be able to add the URLs of the domain’s competitors. After setting up these competitor sites you’ll have a chance to add additional subpages to each of the sites that you wish to monitor within the project.

The number of projects that you can start and the number of URLs that you can monitor within a project depend on your subscription type. You can find out more about our subscription packages and prices if you click here.

You can invite an unlimited number of users to join your WebyMon projects. Inviting new users is free of charge and this function is also available in the free version of our application. You can find a detailed description of our invitation system in this post.

After setting up a new project you will have to wait a few minutes for our measurements to appear in WebyMon’s user interface.

Once you saved the project you’ll always be able to find it on the Home page of our app.